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substring question
Subject: substring question  ·  Posted: 2004-09-22, 06:12pm
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Anyone know how I can accomplish the following :

MainForm.field123456 , value as follows : 'H037265 Project Name by C884933 in Location"

I want to assign the Location only to another field. The number of characters varies depending on the Project name and location.

Any ideas?


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Subject: Re: substring question  ·  Posted: 2004-09-27, 05:25am
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well you can find the spaces around it... i suggest .lastIndexOf(" "; to find the last space, then do that again with the returned value to find the next space and again to find the next..., then do a substring of that. if you know there are always "in location" at the end of the line this'll work fine.

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